How You Begin Anew & Refreshed 2022

Like a river each day, each breathe, each moment in life brings the possibility of new. You choose to remain unchanged and unmoved or you choose to be made anew and refreshed.

As 2021 comes to a close and 2022 approaches commencement it is natural to take a look back at life events and look forward to what is yet to come. Reflection and introspection can be positive tools to bring you further understanding of your emotions, reactionary behaviors, and approaches in life. I would caution you against using them to linger or dwell (on the negative or positive), instead, use them for the sole purpose of bringing yourself clarity and lucidity to propel you forward into the new day.

Every rising sun brings a choice. When you pull away from the comforts of your bed and your feet touch the ground your first choice in what direction your life will go awaits you.

How will you use your life today?

What will you choose to feel?

Who will you choose to be?

Change is simple. Change is a choice. It is a choice you choose not just everyday but with every breathe you take. Change can happen overnight if that is what you choose. Change doesn’t require a traumatic or life altering event but rather a life altering choice.

What will you choose for yourself in 2022?

What life will you choose to lead?

Cheers to the path you choose! Happy Anew & Refreshed 2022🥂

What Are Your Thoughts, Leave a Reply!

What Are Your Thoughts, Leave a Reply!

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