Learning by Living

We learn as we live. Education is not purely “academics” (i.e. mathematics, grammar, reading etc.). Education is a process of learning principles, values, and morals to set a strong foundation for future learning and living.

The Learning by Living approach is based on in home learning that aims to implement education inspired through daily activities. Through this we demonstrate real-life application of the lessons we learn.


Fun & Engaging Ideas


Apps & More


Reviewing Colors – Consistently asking for colors of anything around (i.e. cars, food, toys, and images)

Emphasis on Numbers

  • We count EVERYTHING!
  • Picking up toys – Count!
  • How many cars? 1… 2… 3… 
  • Reading a book – Count!
  • How many birds do you see on the page? 1… 2… 3…
Tip: It is natural to want to help when it appears they are struggling to find the number but take a minute and let them think and exercise that brain. It can take a while but it’s worth it when they finally find the correct number!


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