Living a Positive Perspective

The best part of being alive is living! Each day that we wake we have the opportunity to live the life we choose. Life can be stressful, overwhelming, and sometimes downright defeating, we’ve all been there (amiright?!). The perspective we keep can truly make all the difference. 



Seminole City Park: 7464 Ridge Rd, Seminole, FL 33772

Highlights: Ducks, Pond, Trees, 2 play areas

Seminole Waterfront Park: 10400 Park Blvd
Seminole, FL

Highlights: Huge area, Creative & unique jungle gyms, 2 sets of swings, Lake

Largo Central Park: 101 Central Park Drive, Largo, FL 33771

Highlights: Open fields, Spacious play areas, Plenty of parking

City of Seminole Recreation: 9100 113th St, Seminole, FL 33772

Highlight: Canopy covered, Best suited for younger children, Pool, Basketball Courts, Soccer fields

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